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I am a self-taught artist with interests spanning many mediums. Whether through acrylic painting or piano composition, I have always enjoyed expressing myself creatively and hope that I can help others do the same. 

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Fine Art


Book Illustration // Sketch Portraiture // Album Artwork // Landscape Painting // Murals 

Storyboards // Comic Art // Concept Art



Layers of Dreamscapes: Art in a New Dimension,

2019, Artist in Residence Project

Rubenstein Arts Center, Durham, NC

Graphic Medicine: Comics as a Medium for Narratives of Illness, 2019, Curator & Exhibitor

Brown Gallery, Duke University, Durham, NC

Warm is Blue, 2018-19, Juried, Solo

Cafe Gallery, Duke University, Durham, NC


Makings of a Mind, 2018, Juried, Solo

Brown Gallery, Duke University, Durham, NC

What is Home, 2018, Curator & Exhibitor

Duke Rubenstein Arts Center, Durham, NC

Women in Neurosurgery, 2018, Solo

Duke Brodhead Center, Durham, NC

Imagined Places, 2017, Juried, Solo

Arts & Health Gallery, Duke Hospital, Durham, NC

Pathological Art, 2017, Solo

Duke Brodhead Center, Durham, NC

Art is a way of making sense of the world - the same way that science is. Marrying the two allows me to explore the human experience with a richness and depth that I could not with only one. Much of my visual art reflects a deep-seated curiosity for what makes things meaningful, and for exploring the liminal space where beauty and pain mingle.

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Logo Design // Print Collateral // Branding // Data Visualization // Infographics

App Design // Web Development // HTML & CSS // Advertising

Design is not a term exclusive to the arts - design is used in engineering, architecture, product development, and research. Good design is about more than just aesthetics; good design is about communication, usability, information, and organization. See some products I designed for my own projects, and designs I've done for other organizations and brands.


See how I use my background in research alongside design to promote health literacy. (More on that here.<sciart stim>)


View some of my website and application designs.


Highlights from special design projects I've worked on.

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Photography started as a memory technique for me: a way to archive my travels, as I have been privileged to travel often with fellowships and scholarships throughout my education. Eventually, what started as a hobby to document people and places I encountered became a medium for storytelling and an exercise in capturing the lives of others.


Intimate Portraits

Sprawling Landscapes

Events // Headshots // Group & Individual Portraits // Product Photos // Documentary Work

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