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Zomani (she/her) was born in the disputed territory of Camchoa, situated between Entrion and Anterra. Her family moved to Amister, Entrion while she was an adolescent. Zomani has an ater spirit of unknown magnitude, which manifested at age nine in the form of strings, making her a weaver-type gatherer. She studied augmology, the science of fragments, and pursued a career as an augmological engineer before an incident caused her to lose her gathering ability. After being diagnosed with a chronic case of gathering fatigue and unable to to find a treatment, she traveled to Dargam to stay with her friend, Yara Farzadeh.

When Divim stole a relic from a woven portal in the Farzadeh family's weaving shop, Zomani pursued Divim and eventually learned that he may be able to help her in recovering her lost gathering. While doubtful of Divim's ideas about the stars, she was impressed by his knowledge of fragments and agreed to aid him on his quest.


Zomani's childhood was disrupted by the conflict over Camchoa, and her family left the country when she was still young to resettle in Entrion shortly before its annexation by the Anterrians. Little is known about the events surrounding Zomani's spirit manifestation, other than that it occurred at an unusually young age, 9 years old, as remarked by a clinical augmologist Zomani sees in a flashback in Chapter 2.2. Zomani is well educated and spent most of her young life in Amrister, the capital of Entrion, where she attended university studying augmology.

She accepted a work offer from SAFI, South Anterrian Fragment Innovations, as an engineer. In a later incident at SAFI, she lost her gathering. After returning to Amrister, she exhausts treatment options after being diagnosed with chronic gathering fatigue. She is shown at the airport reassuring her father that staying with Yara in Dargam will be a good change of pace. While in Dargam, Zomani rested and assisted Yara with her responsibilities as an apprentice at her family's shop.


Zomani is a clever, analytical, persistent, somewhat reckless individual. She appears exhausted over the loss of her ability at the beginning of the series, ruminating in bed, but upbeat while around Yara. She is skeptical and observant, noticing Divim's arm is leaking fragments in their initial meeting, and dutifully recorded her observations of the glitch. However, she throws caution to the wind when her curiosity is piqued. Intrigued by Divim's actions, she rushed head first into a fragment storm. She is decisive, and quickly opted to join Divim on his quest, despite Yara's reservations.


Zomani recounted that SAFI was recruiting high precision weavers when she accepted an offer to work with them. She describes SAFI as being relentless in their pursuit of augmological innovation, giving her the resources she needed to do the work she wanted.

It wasn’t about the money, it was about pushing the boundaries of fragment technology.

Zomani is also shown to have created fragment-based hearing aids for Yara, who is hard of hearing. Her spirit's manifestation as fine strings are well suited to delicate fragment engineering.

Known Relationships

Yara - One of Zomani's close friends. The two have a supportive, honest, banterous relationship. Yara admires Zomani for her (former) gathering talents.

Divim - Although initially distrustful of him, Zomani has sympathy for Divim's troubles and the two bond over shared struggles brought on by the Anterrian Empire.

Father - Little is known about the Zomani's interfamilial relationships, other than that she appears to have a good relationship with her father, who is concerned for her well-being in the prologue.

Louis - In a flashback, Zomani is shown texting with Louis, who supports her while she seeks treatment for her gathering fatigue in Amrister.

University Friend - In deciding to leave Dargam with Divim, Zomani mentions wanting to reach out to an old university with expertise in ancient languages.


Zomani is an ater gatherer. Her spirit composition has never been measured, but is approximated to be very far to the ater end of the spectrum, giving her excellent control over ater fragments. Her spirit manifested at age nine and took the form of fine strings, making her a weaver - one of the most common types of gatherers. She used her gathering in pursuit of science, and as a weaver found many opportunities to apply it practically as weaving has a diverse array of uses. She seldom speaks about the incident that resulted in the loss of her ability, though it appears to have been a technical malfunction of some kind at SAFI yielding uncontrollable sideways lightning. For her diagnosis of gathering fatigue, she is prescribed ater fragment supplements usually taken by gathering athletes to who have overused their ability.


The glitch experienced by Zomani and Yara in Chapter 6.1 is triggered by Yara taking the relic (retrieved by Divim from the the Farzadeh's shop) from Zomani. Zomani and Yara both experienced a feeling of déjà vu and recalled being together, surrounded by stars, speaking a language they could not understand, which Divim identifies afterward as Avabic.



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