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I’m K. L. Graywill, a self-taught science fiction and fantasy webcomic author and illustrator. I’ve been making art and stories my whole life (you can find more about my professional background on my main site), but I got into webcomics in graduate school and decided to start making my own during the coronavirus pandemic as a hobby.


The Unseen Archives are sort of like a fandomwiki for my current webcomic, 85 Unseen, and eventually the other stories that take place in the Unseen Universe. Here you’ll find info about the many languages, places, lore, and magic that I’ve created for the series.


As a hobbyist myself, I care deeply about being a resource for other creators with stories to tell and worlds to build. I document a great deal of my personal creative process and share insights from my journey as a creator on social media through walkthroughs, creator chats, and more on Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram.


I’ve created a variety of worldbuilding and storytelling tools and content that I share freely with others. I do this with my own time and labor, and while most of my content is freely accessible to anyone, there is some that I put behind a paywall or Patreon early-access. You can see more of the resources I create here.

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85 Unseen Trailer

85 Unseen Trailer

A scientist trying to get her powers back thinks she’s found a solution when she crosses paths with a fugitive on a quest to find the stars. Can they find the answers they seek before the Empire finds them? Or worse yet, before the very fabric of time and space unravels?


Follow this adventure filled with mystery, action, and drama on Webtoon and Tapas.

Fanart Gallery

Check out this amazing fan-created art of 85 Unseen! If you have created 85 Unseen fanart or participated in a DTIYS (Draw This In Your Style) Challenge, share it with me by tagging @graywillcomics on Instagram.

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