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Worldbuilding & Storytelling Resources by K. L. Graywill

Welcome to my worldbuilding resources hub! I try to make my resources as accessible as I can. I hope the tools I make can help you on your journey telling stories and creating worlds. Please keep in mind I am just one person - a hobbyist with a life and full time job - which means I can’t respond to every message or request. You are welcome to reach to me on any of my socials or here.

How it Works

I release resources I created, listed below, first to my monthly subscribers on Patreon. After I have accumulated enough content, I post completed, downloadable resource packs (brushes, fonts, templates) on Gumroad for a modest fee. All my resources are free for personal use, but NOT commercial use without explicit permission and credit. If you would like to support me and know you want access to all my worldbuilding tools, I'd love to see you on Patreon! Otherwise, you can wait until I compile my resource packs and post them on Gumroad. I recommend lots of other helpful resources, do walkthroughs, Q&A, and share new stuff I’m making on social media: Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram for additional content. You can see it all in action in my webcomic, 85 Unseen, on Webtoon and Tapas.


for complete access.


for completed packs.


for community.

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