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Awareness, Trial & Usage


Growth Recommendations

Kelsey Graywill | Cognitive Consulting Interview Evaluation

A Look at

We surveyed 175 doctors - 100 specializing in emergency medicine, 75 in infectious disease - about their use and impressions of different influenza treatments.


Infectious Disease (ID) doctors reported seeing 226 influenza patients on average during flu season...


...while Emergency Room (ER) doctors reported seeing significantly fewer - about 141 flu patients.

The differences in and commonalities in ID and ER doctors' responses shape the path forward.






Each brand had moderate recognizability and usage across the board, Tamiflu® being the most broadly recognizable and widely used as treatment by both ID and ER doctors.


Awareness & Use 

When the data is stratified by specialty, ID doctors had significantly more pharmaceutical brand awareness than their ER doctor counterparts.

ID doctors had more favorable, positive impressions of all influenza treatment brands across the board (a significant finding in all but one brand, Rapivab). The highest positive impression rate among the data was ID doctors' overall impression of Tamiflu®.

ID & ER Doctors' Impression of Tamiflu®

Survey results on doctors' attitudes towards treatment innovation and administration provided further insights.

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The pillars of this dataset are:

brand recognition  &  consumer attitudes

Because Tamiflu® is already the most used and recognized brand in the survey, we can look to the ways consumer attitudes diverge giving us two routes to approach growth.


ID doctors see significantly more flu patients every year compared to ER doctors and are advocate consumers willing to try new products. Improving their perception hinges on addressing ID doctors’ biggest pain point: oral medication (significant preference for IV treatment).

Looking at favorability statistics alone, there is much more room for improvement in ER doctors’ overall impressions of Tamiflu® compared to ID doctors, with only 66% of respondents reporting a positive impression of the brand, despite 99% of respondents aware of it using it as treatment.


ER Doctors

for Favorability


ID Doctors

Pain Points

  • Address ease of use for Tamiflu®’s oral medication OR

  • Invest in the development of an IV treatment

  • Improve product through the lens of compliance and early treatment, two aspects of healthcare delivery this demographic values

  • Improve the administration of the existing Tamiflu® oral medication, as ER doctors have no bias against oral medication

  • Address their need for efficient, convenient treatment as a route to further rounding out Tamiflu®’s reputation and presence in the field

With widespread brand recognition in the medical community, the growth of Tamiflu® depends on its ability to adapt to the current needs of infectious disease and emergency room physicians by representing their shared interests in ease and efficiency of treatment administration, minimization of workplace disruption, and continued innovation of influenza treatment mediums. 

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