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Duke University                                                                                 2014 -18 

Developed an institutionally approved degree program titled Human Creativity: Evolutionary Neuroaesthetics which explores the how and why of aesthetic emergence in humans, through the lens of neuroscience, biology, anthropology, and philosophy.


COVA High School                                                                             2010 -14 

Graduated valedictorian in class of 211 as a member of the Gifted & Talented Program. Founded and held numerous elected leadership positions in Student Government, National Honor Society, among others.


Major GPA: 3.7

Relevant Cousework:

  • Premedical Requisites

  • Data Mining 

  • 5 Semesters of research independent study

  • 2 years of Arabic coursework


GPA: 4.33 (weighted), 3.98 (unweighted)

Relevant Cousework:

  • 9 Advanced Placement classes

  • 2 years of Classical Latin

  • 3 years of German

  • 2 years of Mandarin Chinese

  • 2 years of Japanese









I had a complicated relationship with food growing up. I loved it, but my family relied on foodbanks. I had a knack for miniature sculpting and created the foods of my dreams through hand-made food miniatures and jewelry, which seemed to attract the interest of people in my town, so I turned it into small business where I donated 25% of my profits to the same foodbanks my family used. The Starving Artist raised over $6,000 worth of funding to community resources locally and internationally, was featured in a number of print news and media outlets, including Colorado's Best, CBS4 News, and the Mountain Connection. I sold online and at consignment stores.

Graywill Creative Projects emerged from my collective freelance work across the fine arts. It serves as my primary artistic outlet and has allowed me to be involved with projects spanning a variety of mediums, from illustrating an ESL book to be sold in China to designing a logo for a dance group in Uganda. Through it I also provide videography and photography services, marketing collateral, web development, illustration, and more. If you visit the site, you'll also be able to view my entire creative portfolio, including my music, performance, and visual art experience and works.

The Art Clinic seeks inspire creative approaches to treatment and awareness of illness through art. Funded by Duke, I began to develop my primary product, called Brainability, a coloring and art activity book  for people with both acquired and congenital neuropsychological conditions, disorders, and impairments. It can be used to monitor mental status and symptomatology, track improvement, and serve as a developmental and therapeutic aid. Although this is main product in development right now, I have a much broader vision for the The Art Clinic.


Other Organizations, Non-profits, and Programs:

The Apprentice Doctor - 

Program Developer & Coordinator

Develops class material and staffs the summer programs, leads workshops and rotations in the hospital, gives guest lectures. Watch the promotional video I created for the program above.

I created a Duke version of the popular card game "Cards Against Humanity" in the spring of 2016. I printed the cards for the new game, dubbed Cranes Assist Humility, myself and calibrated a paper cutter to chop each sheet of cards, packaged each deck, and delivered the game to customers, which became popular with students and alumni alike.

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Duke Innovation Co-Lab - 

Ruby Lab Manager, Team Lead

Serves the greater Duke community by offering support and tutoring with resources at the lab, catering services to both artists and engineers working on a variety of projects that require 3D printing, modeling, or laser cutting. 

duARTS - President

(Formerly two Vice President positions)

Oversaw the largest student arts organization at Duke, and an executive board of nearly 20 people. Innovated and managed new and existing art programs for the entire Duke student body. Read about my impact in the annual report I created (above). 

In 2018, Duke University established an award, named for me, called the Graywill Award for Arts Leadership & Service. Every year starting in 2019, one or two graduating senior(s) from any major or arts discipline will be presented the Graywill Award for $1,000 at the annual Arts Award Ceremony. The award is endowed by the Duke University Union.

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Through my experiences in healthcare, I have felt fulfilled countless times as not only a healthcare professional, but as a leader, an intellect and scientist, an artisan and craftsman, and most of all, a human. I believe it is the diversity of my passions and skills that has provided me with an incredibly rich set of experiences in medicine. Through my various endeavors in healthcare both at home and across the globe, I have been humbled and impassioned.

Some of my experiences have included...


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